Pod office worked with Studio O+A to create a fun work environment to reflect Perfect World’s “work hard, play hard” mentality. read more

REPUTATION.COM is an internet image management company. Their team of tech specialists dedicated to protecting a client’s reputation online, perceive what they do as a science and wanted the look of a vintage lab for their new office. read more


The pay-by-cellphone company Square, like many young tech innovators, got off to a fast start and needed an office quickly to accommodate a growing staff. read more


POD's furniture specifications for the project emphasized the eclectic - a reflection of Yelp's core mission to bring together a variety of views. read more


The goal of this project was to create a unique workstation that complimented the interior architecture of DreamHost. The reclaimed wood used in the structure of the desks provides a unique texture and mood. read more


The online realty company Trulia needed to settle its growing staff intxed amount of real estate: 25,000 square feet on two floors of a classic San Francisco building. read more


Hitting “refresh” at every level of the company, Aol wanted a new look for its West Coast headquarters. read more


We're not entirely sure what Quid's software does, but even a collective of secretive geniuses can appreciate a POD-filled space: a glowing reception station, super graphics, effective workstations, and a vinyl-encased meeting pod from which to engineer world domination. read more


POD teamed up with Inscape to create a colorful work environment for the app engineers and virtual artists that make up the studios of BitTorrent. The result is a space with surfaces and textures almost as smooth as a BitTorrent download. read more


Furniture acquisition can be a hectic business, so POD is happy to be currently working on a project with the serene and centered folds at the San Francisco offices of Zendesk. read more