Yelp, the online review collective for local consumers, remodeled its San Francisco headquarters as it was raising its profile in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and beyond. POD’s furniture specifications for the projects emphasized the eclectic – a reflection of Yelp’s core mission to bring together a variety of views.

Starting in February of 2010, POD filled five floors (57,000 square feet) with height-adjustable work tables, lunchroom tables and chairs, vivid graphics, bike racks and powered meeting spaces. On a schedule of one floor per month, the installation began on the 9th floor in March 2010 with 80 workstations. In April POD installed 90 workstations on the 7th floor and another 90 on the 8th floor in May. In June the 3rd and 10th floors were completed with 92 stations and the lunchroom.

And the work continues. In 2011 POD ordered 96 stations for the 2nd floor and installed this month. In June we began planning 74 stations and a conference room for Yelp’s New York office. That install took place in September.