Hitting “refresh” at every level of the company, Aol wanted a new look for its West Coast headquarters. POD worked with Inscape to create a more transparent workstation and furnished collaborative spaces to reflect the blurring boundaries between work and play. In an industry where creativity never stops, the move from segregated private offices to accessible, well-lit and adaptable workspace clusters matched the company’s new direction overall.

Every POD project includes grace notes. At Aol it was a Board Room conference table custom-made from reclaimed redwood wine vats on a hot-rolled steel base.

Installation began on the third floor. The 410 workstations for the 143,000 square foot space were ordered in August of 2010. Phase 1 installation began December 3 with a completion date of December 10. Phase 2 installation began on January 22 and ended on January 28.

POD Office helped with first floor incubator spaces for the blossoming start-ups that are helping AOL remake its brand. This gave us a chance to provide a similar look on a tighter budget.