Imitation = Sincerest Form of Flattery

We recently specified the ever-fabulous Rhys chair in Gold & in Turquoise–the style and detailing on the chair made it one of our favorites.
I cannot wait to see these installed in the space–be sure to stay tuned for some glamour shots once we go in for a photo shoot!

We started to do some digging on this style and though we weren’t able to find any other chair like it in production….
Here is what we did find:

Without a doubt, this 1960s vintage Arne Norelle piece was the source of inspiration for the Rhys Chair.

 Arne Norell – Safari Sofa

Looks like Arne Norell designed several models in this theme.
The Ilona is the only Arne Norell designed Safari Chair still in production through Norell Möbler. This piece held together without any glue or screws–just the strength of leather…

what a gorgeous design!

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